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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Earrings?

luxury CZ dangle wedding earrings

You’ve found your wedding dress and now it’s time to think about those little details to complete your bridal look. Your choice in bridal earrings and other wedding accessories will set the tone of your bridal look.

Although the engagement ring is the main focus, she might want to consider additional sparkle. Donning elegant yet straightforward bridal earrings will tie together the finishing touches of the white ensemble.

Donning elegant yet straightforward bridal earrings will tie together the finishing touches of the white ensemble.

Low V or low V back neckline

You want to accentuate the sophisticated V cut, so combine it with longer earrings, such as a long pearl drop, chain thread earrings, and other otherworldly designs.

An illusion neckline

should be left to its own designs – enhance its natural elegance and sophistication with a pair of longer earrings to elongate your neck.

A high neckline

A high neckline provides you with a number of options. Stud earrings can give you a more classic, elegant look, while a pair of longer earrings will make you appear more delicate. You should carefully note the number of details of your neckline can be a double-edged sword– a lot of detail paired with statement earrings can cause the opposite effect, one of complete overload.

A Sweetheart Neckline

You may try studs if you want all the attention to go to your headpiece, or go with a pair of longer earrings if you want to emphasize your face. You can pair your earrings with any number of other jewelry pieces, but be careful not to over accessorize!

Off-Shoulder Bridal Dress

This type of wedding dress naturally draw attention to your face, neck, and shoulders in an elegant, sophisticated fashion. Because the off the shoulder straps are almost jewelry on their own, the most important thing to remember here is not to over accessorize. A pair of long earrings, maybe with some delicate detailing or pearls, can turn you look to a queen from a fairy tale

Which metals should the bride wear?

A pristine white gown pairs well with silver and platinum. Choose gold if your gown is champagne or ivory, and if your dream dress is a delicate blush color, try rose gold. Try to harmonize your jewelry with the style of the dress itself – if there are rhinestones or other decorative precious stones, it’s always a good idea to choose bridal jewelry in the same color group.

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